Stephanie Hill (Director)

Stephanie has over 15 years of experience in L&D, internationally in the ESOL and International Development/ Humanitarian sectors, and in the UK’s Housing and Health & Social Care sectors. She has delivered programmes to a range of clients, from large global institutions including the United Nations and The International Red Cross to Local Authorities and Housing Associations in the UK and medium/small voluntary organisations. She has worked with learners from a wide range of backgrounds - senior management, frontline staff and service user groups. Stephanie is both process and people orientated and committed to bringing both approaches together to develop capacity and resilience through L&D.


Specialises in: M&E, Project Management, Humanitarian Principles & Practice,  and Confidence & Communication 

Perry Seymour 

Perry has over a 15 years of international experience in Learning and Development, delivering training, organisational development and programme implementation across the aid and charity sectors. His experience has included working with a wide variety of clients from large INGOs and UN organisations to medium voluntary organisations. He is a creative and clear-thinking professional who is committed to helping NGOs develop and deliver practical and powerful L&D solutions to complex problems.


Specialises in: Humanitarian Principles and Practices, MEL, Planning, Project Management and Communication Skills

Derryn Snowdon 

Derryn Snowdon has worked globally in L&D since 1984, firstly as an ESOL Trainer, before moving into Life Coaching. Her focus is on using life coaching and other approaches and techniques to improve well-being of the whole person, because this impacts one’s performance as well as one’s happiness in life. In addition to Life Coaching and Training Derryn uses Human Software Engineering Emotional Competence Techniques, the Belief Closet Process (limiting beliefs), Bio- resonance therapy - Peace of Mind & Neo Clinics’ QUiTT programmes, and Voice Dialogue. 


Specialises in: Emotional Wellbeing and Communication Skills

Clare Dyson 

Clare has over ten years’ communications experience, gained in a variety of organisations including the NHS, the BBC, Save the Children, Hft, and TUI Group. A trained and experienced journalist she is focused on understanding exactly what needs to be communicated and getting the message across as clearly as possible. Before working in communications, Clare spent several years as an ESOL teacher both overseas and in the UK. She combines her teaching and communications experience to deliver L&D training that will help people tell stories that matter. 


Specialises in: Communications / Communicating Impact

Stuart Hemsley-Rice 

Stuart has over 20 years of learning and development experience in the public and third sectors where he has held senior management and leadership positions. As an Accredited Belbin Practitioner he is an expert in helping teams achieve their potential by focusing on team dynamics, productivity, working relationships and talent management.  Stuart is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Institute of Leadership & Management specialising in employee, stakeholder and community engagement.


Specialises in: Team Dynamics and Development, Governance and Trusteeship, Strategic and Business Planning, Public Affairs and Relations, Employee and Stakeholder Engagement

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