Our Vision 

For Not-For-Profit organisations to create the most positive impact for the people they serve. 

Our Mission 

To develop the capacity of Not-for-Profit Organisations through face to face training, blended learning and consultancy.



Our Approach 

We are a multi-disciplinary team who come from a range of different backgrounds from across the Not-for-Profit Sector; including, International Development, Humanitarian, Local Government and the Health & Social Care Sectors. (Find Out More). 


Our approach can be summed up under two headings...


1. Getting the 'Nuts & Bolts' Right 

Whether the goal is to eradicate Homelessness in London or provide sustainable clean water in Sub-Saharan Africa, there are four 'magic' ingredients that are needed for every organisation:


1) Leadership & Management = How plans are made and people managed to effectively deliver them 

2) Evaluation & Outcomes Measurement = The most effective solutions are being delivered in the best way 

3) Communication Skills = Everyone involved has a 'voice', and the ability and opportunity to use it  

4) Emotional Resilience & Confidence = Individuals feel able to cope, adapt and thrive within our organisations 



2. Becoming Stronger Together 

There are really good approaches and frameworks being used in the world of International Development that could benefit Health and Social Care organisations and vise-versa, across all Not-For-Profit sectors. Our approach is to share innovations and cross-pollinate the best practice approaches across sectors...like busy training and consultancy bees!




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Photographs taken of enCompass LD Training. Copyright Julian Nieman www.juliannieman.co.uk